Crock Pots For International Cooking

Crock Pots For International Cooking

International cooking usually leaves you slaving over a hot stove or running for the phone book to search for the closest take out place. But with a crock pot and a couple of simplified recipes, you can cook to your heart’s content for a taste that’s a world away.

No amount of reading and re-reading the instructions for Kung Pow Chicken in your International Foods cook book is going to prepare you for what’s in store, especially if you’ve never attempted Kung Pow Chicken or any other type of Asian or other international dish. The same goes for all different types of international foods. You have to get used to using different types of seasonings like cumin, coriander and for many dishes, kosher sea salt–you’ll probably be wondering “whatinthewhonow” does that mean?

Especially if you are a beginning cook–and many times, even if you’re not–you need to choose cooking options that are within your grasp. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with Mac & Cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches–you know that’s what you’re cooking, don’t lie. You simply have to be more innovative about “how” you cook your foods.

Every cook should have a large brigade of cooking utensils and cooking appliances. Amongst this army of cookware you should always be able to easily locate a well maintained crock pot. Crock pot cooking is one of the easiest ways to get around the difficult recipes you’ll find in cook books. Not only are crock pot recipes simplified for the crock pot way of life, but they are also easily accessible in crock pot recipe books and all over the internet–there are hundreds of web sites dedicated to crock pot recipes and crock pot cooking and your favorite search engine can open the doors to crock pot recipe bliss if you let it.

Crock pot cooking is known for having hundreds of easy crock pot beef recipes and crock pot pork recipes, many of which are international dishes that could be cooked over the stove, slaved over even…but don’t have to be. You can even make delicious crock pot pasta recipes that you’d expect to find only at an Italian restaurant. And it doesn’t end there. Crock pot dessert recipes also mimic the hard-to-make in the oven or over the stove top recipes that come from the pros at French restaurants all over the world.

Never forget that the basic principle of crock pot cooking is to make food that tastes as if it were professionally prepared and tastes as if you spent hours preparing it. The fact that you threw the ingredients in the crock pot, turned it to high and walked away for five hours is always supposed to be your little secret.

Not to mention the leftovers. If you’re a fan of ordering in from a great take-out place with your favorite international dishes, then you’ll love cooking for yourself at home with easy crock pot recipes. Not only will you save money making the exact same dish, but you’ll be able to keep tons of leftovers that you can even freeze for a later date. And you’ll be able to choose exactly what is and what isn’t in your food. You can’t beat that.

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