Crime Alert Episode 72 “Shart Aur Sauda”

Crime Alert Episode 72 “Shart Aur Sauda”

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About Episode :
Today’s story about Ashima & Siddarth. Ashima is loving daughter of her parents. Her parents does everything to make her happy. Ashima wants to marry Siddharth but when she tells about him to her parents, her father gets angry and refuse to marriage proposal. After her father’s decision, Ashima try to finish herself. Her parents doesn’t want to lose her so they accepts the marriage proposal on a condition. They ask to Siddharth, to Earn 25 Lac in 3 Months. But Siddharth is jobless and also belongs to a very poor family. How Siddharth will earn such a huge amount? Will he get any shortcut to earn? To find out, watch the full episode.

About Crime Alert :
Crime Alert is an Indian crime television series aired by Dangal TV Channel owned by Enterr10 TV Pvt. Ltd. The series is based on real crime story which covers crime incidents across all over India.
It shows the story of victims struggle and the order to get justice for their sufferings. The motive of the show is, aware public to the crime and encourage to stop the crime. The show is being successfully broadcast since more than a years on the Dangal Channel.