Counterpoint, a Distinctive Contemporary Russian Art Exhibition

‘Counterpoint’, a contemporary Russian art exhibition held at Paris’ renowned Louvre Museum aims to create a representative panorama of Russian art encompassing the work of artists of diverse styles and movements. About 15 artists are featured, belonging to different generations and aesthetic approaches.

Although the Louvre does not feature a permanent gallery of Slavic art, it was felt that the museum’s Medieval section would be a suitable backdrop for the momentous exhibition. The architectural themes of the Louvre were thought to be highly compatible with the creative expression of artists like Igor Makarevitch, Emilia and Ilya Kabakov, Pavel Pepperstein and Elena Elagina whose works reflect elements of architectural utopias.


The underground area of the medieval Louvre also inspires the mind and stimulates the imagination, creating an ideal exhibition space for visionary artists like Valery Koshlyakov, Vadim Zakharov, Alexei Kallima and Yuri Leiderman; the latter has created a special performance to present his ‘Geopoetics’ collection.


The Counterpoint exhibition also makes use of Paris’ famed Tuileries Garden, located adjacent to the Louvre. This site will receive the esteemed Pavillon Rotonda II conferred by renowned architect and sculptor Alexander Brodsky.


Erik Bulatov’s renowned ‘Liberte’ located at the entrance of the exhibition sets the mood for the seminal works to follow. Russian artistic mastery is depicted through sculpture, painting, drawings, videos, photographs and performance, with all the exhibits related to the Russian artistic heritage. However the focus is on artists’ conception of contemporary aesthetic aspirations.


The subject matter of the exhibition is very diverse, including Malevich’s unique paintings; the ironic retrospective image of art history depicted by such artists as Melamid, Komar and Avdei Ter-Oganyan; as well as videos constructed by Dmitry Gutov and Olga Chernysheva, which draw inspiration from Russian institutions like the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery creating a nostalgic poetic vision.


The Counterpoint exhibition is a segment of the ‘Year of Russia’ festivities in France supported by the patronage committee of the celebration.


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