Cosmetic Dentist – Dental Filling, Teeth Bleaching, Dental Implants

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Dentistry defined as oral hygiene, preventing the teeth damage, diagnosis and dental treatment to oral disease. Whereas cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of human teeth, mouth and smile with elective desired treatment. This is often referred as a “smile makeover” because good smiling face is an asset for you to enhance your self confidence, impression, relationship and reputation in the society and your personal relationship. Common cosmetic dental procedures include dental filling, teeth bleaching, veneers, crowns, white fillings, single-visit cerec restorations, orthodontics, gum reshaping, dental bridges etc. Cosmetic dentists also offering facial rejuvenation in the form of non-surgical facelift, using a combination of botox and dermal fillers such as restylane.

Dental filling is falling to this category where fillings made of porcelain or composite materials that closely match the color of your teeth, maintaining the neutrality of your teeth. Before this the dental filling was done primarily of gold, amalgam and other materials showing the sports of teeth replacement. Thus advanced technology has given dental material a very natural look and colored similar to the original tooth. This has made cosmetic dentistry more durable. Many cosmetic dentists are using laser technology for making smile more comfortable and natural with less recovery time for patients.

Teeth bleaching is also known as teeth whitening, dental bleaching and a common dental care treatment in general dentistry and considered as a part of cosmetic dentistry. As the person grows the teeth often become darken due to mineral structure changes of the tooth as enamel becomes less porous. Teeth are often stained due to smoking, foodstuffs, drink, tobacco, bacterial pigments and poor oral hygiene. Sometimes antibiotic medications also establish stains on teeth or reduction of the enamel creating dark spots on teeth. Thus bleaching of teeth is most common cosmetic dentistry among people. There are many methods for teeth whitening like bleaching strips, bleaching pen, bleaching gel, laser bleaching, and natural bleaching. You can select any one as per the recommendation of your dentist. This improves the whiteness of your teeth and makes your smile more attractive.

Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root replacement to compensate the tooth loss and make you younger. Dental Implants can be used to support a number of dental prostheses, including crowns, implant-supported bridges or dentures. They can also be used as anchorage for orthodontic tooth movement. The use of dental implants permits unidirectional tooth movement without reciprocal action.