Cordless Phones – Breaking Convention Making Headlines

A cordless phones comes with a wireless handset and a base unit. The base unit restricts the movement of the user within 100 meters. The power source of the base unit is electricity and the handset operates on rechargeable batteries. To charge the batteries the wireless handset needs to be placed at the cradle of the base unit and within 12 to 24 hours the batteries are fully charged to be used. With the growth of competition and market requirement the cordless phone now offers features like cell handover, data transfer and international roaming.

Due to its movability within an area and with its modern and easy to use features the cordless phones have become a part of every. Best suited for home and office environment this phone is not at all for business environment.

Cordless phones have become a replacement of fixed landline phone that restricted the movement of its users. Earlier when these cordless phones were introduced around 1980s were not popular among the buyer due to its low battery life, low voice quality, bigger size etc. however with advancement of technology companies made radical chances in the cordless phones. Now it’s a part of every office, every home. With the facility to use multi headsets in one communication system allows use of separate handset with the same phone number. This phone also has the facility of in-build answering system that records voice mails and conversation. Headset locator helps to find a misplaced headset.

As a combination of ordinary phone and the radio it has certain peculiar characteristic relating to sound quality, security and range. The quality of sound depends upon the range. By the range means distance from the base. Any obstruction between the handset and the base can affect the voice quality. Security is a big concern as these cordless phones use free air ways thus they can easily be disturbed by other cordless devises, radio scanners and baby monitors.

Despite all these and flooding of mobile phones the cordless phones has their own place in the communication market. New technologies and phone companies are putting every effort to keep the cordless phone up front in the market and future of these phones is safe and secure.