Coping With Hay Fever


It’s spring, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, the trees are bursting into bud and you are hiding in the bedroom, terrified to venture through the door. YES, it’s that dreaded time of the year again, the time when all allergy and hay-fever sufferers start to search for a cure to the misery of the wheezing, breathlessness, runny eyes and nose, which can inflict such discomfort at this time of the year to the suffers of hay fever. These are some of the body’s reactions to allergens and pollutants, particularly pollen. The medical term for hay-fever is Allergic Rhinitis; it is the production of excessive mucus in reaction to the inhalation of allergens, such as trees, grass and weed pollen or house dust mite droppings and dust!! Pollen activated hay-fever is cyclical, whilst other types tend to be on-going.

Hay -fever affects 5-10% of the U.K. population and does tend to run in families. There are many products on the market to help soothe the symptoms, called antihistamines which neutralize the effects of allergies
One way to gain relief is to try medications such as the various antihistamines or other products that are on the market. Consult your doctor or at least ask your pharmacist, both will assist you in getting the best treatment for you. 

Some companies advertise drug free relief like the Hay-Band which works on pressure points, a bit like travel sickness bands worn on wrists, at acupressure points, others advertise tablet or sprays, for example nasal sprays or allergy relief tablets are just a few types of product that try to help with the problem, Many products are available over the counter so consult with the staff at the pharmacy, they are always willing to help you. Other sufferers try to gain relief through the various herbal remedies that are on the market.
Whatever works for is great but trying to hideaway indoors until the spring and summer months are over, is not the answer, this will give you poor quality of life and make you feel miserable.

Those above are some of the medical ways to relieve the suffering from the irritating effects caused by the large amounts of pollen during the warm months.  

However, another way is to try and purify the air that we breathe. How invigorating it is to breathe mountain or sea air, or breathe in fresh air after a thunderstorm? This is because the air is charged with negative ions which are refreshing and stimulating. Fresh air is rich in negative particles, where city or industrial air contains little or none. Air-conditioning and central heating we surround ourselves in are raising the rate of allergic reactions and asthma.

An Ionizing machine may help, Ionizers are electrical devices that produce a steady stream of negative ions when switched on, and from experience of using one, they are very helpful, particularly on warm days or on balmy nights, they certainly help freshen and clear the air surrounding, making breathing easier. They also contain air filters that remove pollen, dust and irritants in the air. This at least allows the sufferer to get some temporary relief and a good night’s sleep. Ionizers help restore the balance of positive and negative ions in the air around you, a small machine costing around £50.00 would be a worthwhile investment and represents a one off payment rather than the fortune we spend on medication each year.  They may be purchased on-line, or from electrical stores, chemists and pharmacies, and department stores.  

They also act as a fan during the hot nights moving the cleaned air around the room, making it much more pleasant to sleep.

I have used an ionizer for a number of years throughout the summer months and find it offers me at least the comfort of a good night’s sleep. Don’t forget to clean and change the filters otherwise they will not be as effective as they should be.

Remember Don’t suffer in silence there is always someone you can talk too, whether it is a Pharmacist, a doctor or another suffer of Hay Fever, somebody will always be willing to give you good advice.