Contemporary Options for New Bathrooms

Renovating the bathroom is an opportunity to update and improve this important space in your home. New bathrooms are better looking and better functioning. With the latest designs in fixtures and lighting you can save money on water and energy usage as well as improve your home’s impact on the environment. Remodelling your bathroom to reflect a more contemporary, modern feel is a valuable project that will make your space more comfortable.

Rip Out or Redo?
Some homeowners wonder whether it’s a good idea to remove the old bathroom fixtures completely or refinish them. A lot depends on your budget and the length of time you’ve scheduled for this project, but beautiful new bathrooms can be created either way. The important thing is to ensure that a professional job is done no matter which way you choose.

For instance, a new tub surround can be installed over your existing tub, leaving a clean and fresh bath and walls. Often this simple project will completely change the look of your bathroom. To make sure this product will last you need to have it installed by an experienced contractor. These surrounds need to be well adhered to the existing wall and completely sealed.

Vanities are often better off being removed and replaced, since today’s style of vanities is much different than what would have been installed a few decades ago. Contemporary vanities are low and minimal with decorative sinks often installed on top. Look for a combination that is bold without being brassy and make sure there is ample storage underneath for your bathroom essentials.

Energy Savings
New bathrooms should also include up to date energy saving fixtures and lighting. Aerated shower heads and taps help to cut down on water usage and dual flush toilets are a major step in conservation. If you can replace the toilet these models may be eligible for a rebate and are simple to install.

Lighting in a bathroom should be generous, with enough light directed into the shower and tub and a concentrated amount over the vanity. Replace old light bulbs with CFL bulbs and look forward to a longer lifespan and less energy usage. Look for light fixtures that use glass and stainless steel (in shiny or matte finish) to present a clean, contemporary look.

Bathroom renovations are a major selling point in resale and also help to make your family’s day to day living more comfortable. Enjoy the latest styles in new bathrooms with these added features, modern fixtures and updated lighting.

Modern bathroom quotes can be found online, from here you could easily get a good idea of what your dream bathroom will cost and a wide range of other rooms such as new bedrooms that appeal to your own personal tastes.