Contemporary Art for Christmas Gifts

Here’s a thought for the festive season. We’re always racking our brains trying to think of the ultimate gift to give someone. You know – something really original, something they’ll love and use and admire. Something, in other words, that will actually be worth buying in the first place and won’t end up consigned to the Drawer of Lost Items in approximately three and a half days’ time. How about some contemporary art? Genuine, real, original art that no one else will have – and that will be guaranteed to go perfectly with the house?

Here’s how. The Internet, bless its little cybernetic cotton socks, has made a lot of stuff a lot more available to a lot more people. That includes art, which, until the limitless storage space the Internet offered meant that anyone could see and buy it, was pretty much trapped behind the alarmed windows of galleries and could only be bought by people rich enough to have more than one surname. These days, the Internet has liberated the art collector in all of us: and some sites, like the rather lovely UK offering of Art 2 Arts, are now selling genuine original contemporary art for perfectly realised prices – to anyone who wants to buy.

The perfect thing about these works is that they are absolutely guaranteed to be one off pieces: no reproductions, no copies and no second runs. That means, if you see something that you really like, that it will be the only painting or piece of its kind anywhere in the world. And that means, if you see something you think a friend or loved one would really like, that you stand a chance of getting him, her or them the best Christmas present they’ve ever had, A totally unique, totally original and completely wonderful piece of genuine contemporary art.

Christmas, of course, is a time of year to feel cosy and snug; to get warm, to nest, to enjoy one’s surroundings. If one has just been given a rather splendid picture for one’s walls, then one is likely to enjoy that feeling a whole lot more. In other words: proper original art, given as a Christmas gift, is about more than just being completely unique, or totally inspired. It’s also about giving a feeling or an atmosphere – about giving a gift that helps someone to really enjoy their surroundings. That something is contemporary art.

The best online art sites will allow you to search by price, artist, colour and size as well as style. That means no budget shocks and no chance of picking something that doesn’t go with a known colour scheme or theme. It’s the art world, but not as we know it. Democratic, widely and easily available and full of beautiful things for every home owner. So have a little think this Christmas, before you start buying all those flash in the pan gifts that won’t even be in the house any more in six months time. Get hold of some really nice contemporary art and change someone’s surroundings for the better.