Common Health Problems In Older Dogs

.tags Older dogs are vulnerable to several health related problems and this is very common because of their age like humans are. Ageing takes a toll and as a result pet owners should be more careful and conscious of what their dog suffer from. Flabbiness is one of the most frequent issues in older dogs. This is also known as obesity which also occurs to human. This can be because of overfeeding, a poor diet with no essential nutrients or a deficiency in of activities or exercises.

Obesity can escort to a variety of other serious problems in dogs, most usual issues are with their joints and heart problems, that is in a way alike to what happens in the obese humans. And for you to get rid of this condition, the dog must get high quality diets which are rich with nutrients plus ample activity and exercise. Nourishing the dog with some smaller meals will be better. Older dogs are incompetent of crushing calories as it take in which is the reason why their weight can be a burden in their joints and feet.

The older dog also faces issues in terms of their hearing and vision. Familiar voices will still be spotted but vehicles, footsteps, etc wont be spotted by dog. This can also be because of the wax building up in their ear, mite plague or other forms of ear infection. Other kinds of inner ear problem that an older dog faces include geriatric and tangential vestibular syndromes.

The vision of the dog can go weak as he gets older. Blindness or blurred vision can be caused by cataracts as well glaucoma which is commonly noticed in dogs. The dogs may find it difficult to observe things that are on its eye level. The pet owners need to take care of their pet to make sure that their pet does not injure itself. Progressive retinal atrophy can be another reason for vision impairment in the older dogs.

Some older dogs can also suffer from cognitive dysfunction syndromes that are referred as well to as doggys Alzheimer. This comes with the symptoms such as coordination loss, aimless pacing, inability to identify people and many more. However it can also be treated to some extent by veterinarians. Older dogs can also suffer from involuntary urination, incontinence and defecation that can be due to diabetes, kidney problems and the lack of muscle tone.

One more usual health problems seen in some older dogs are arthritis. The problem is being shown by dogs reluctance to act. These are obvious in cold season when your dog stiff.

Another common health problem seen in older dogs is arthritis. The problem is shown by the dogs reluctance to move. The problem is obvious especially on cold days when the dog looks stiff. Dental diseases due to build up of plaque or tartar and inflamed gums are also seen in older dogs.