Comics Apps to Trend?

Do you like comics?

Maybe you also hold a big box under your bed stuffed with comic-books you have been preciously collecting for years? Spider-Man, Hulk, X-men, Batman – the stars now left to oblivion in a carefully hidden box far from teasing and mockery of your friends.

But you know the deal? Comics are in trend! Thousands of good old heros waiting for you…on iPad. There IS justice in the world! 

There’s a special comics app from Marvel, thousands of less known stories within separate apps – just check the AppStore.

Comics experience a great revival, obtaining a new life within a new technological eco-system. Some will seek just a handy, more convenient way of reading their favorite stories. Some will stay old-school, considering this innovation to be the death of comics. But some will try to take all possible advantages – wanting not just a replica of the process of reading a familiar comic-book, but to create and enjoy a completely new experience. That’s whatcomics iPad apps are all about to my mind.

Once I asked Chris I’Anson, founder of, how does he feel about this revival of comic-books:

– “I’m not sure about the comic aficionados though, the old schoolers might balk at the idea of reading a comic on a digital device!? I guess it’s a bit like when DJ’s started moving away from vinyl records and using mp3s. Some people lapped it up while others struggled to accept it (look now though, hardly anyone mixes vinyl)”.

Chris l’Anson, founder of
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

That was the best answer I would have expected. I’d say a wise one.

So let’s leave vinyl in the hands of hard vinyl addicted DJs and step on modern lines. A state-of-the-art “Stricken” comics app for iPad from the very first glance illustrated to me where are the modern lines buried. Just vocalize the name – Stricken Graphic Novel for iPad. Feel a fresh breeze in the face? Same with me.

Beauuuutiful hand-crafted illustrations, detailed and polished enough so nothing interrupts perceptions. Animationoriginal soundtrack and sounds – everything executed the way it should. And finally, a rich interactive visual and acoustic experience – something very close to be called unique.

Digitalization of comics-books indeed influences the audience: new mediums to reach new readers, new experiences to engage old-schoolers and…new AppStore fans eventually 

For what it’s worth, give it a try!