Colon Cleanse Diet – No More Solids


Of all the rules that go with a colon cleanse diet, the hardest one to stick to is that there is no solid food eaten. The reason for this is that the last stop for all solid food in your digestive system is the colon. To cleanse the colon, it must be cleaned out. This means no solids.

There are many important factors and parts to a colon cleanse diet but the removal of solids if the primary concern. Along with this is the importance to stay hydrated. For many people out there the use of the famous lemonade diet is most effective. This combines the vitamins of fresh lemons, the sugar of maple syrup and the irritation qualities of cayenne pepper to help you through the period of no solid food.

The ingredients of this diet each have their important purposes. The cayenne pepper contains a chemical called capsaicin. This chemical causes neurotransmitters on nerve ends to be released. When this happens the nerves cannot register any pain signals to the brain. This is a temporary condition but effective so that the contractions of the colon will not be felt as severe as they would without this pain reliever. The maple syrup is a good source of carbohydrates, sugar and zinc. This along with other minor chemicals will help the body function and give it a source of energy to maintain itself. The lemon is a source of many vitamins including vitamin C. This will also help supply the body with enough nutrients to function until the diet is over. The last ingredient is just as vital as the others, it is water. When on any diet being properly hydrated is important.

If this drink is the only source of nutrients for 10 to 14 days, then the colon will be thourghly cleansed and after a few days of only consuming soup, a person can go back to their regular routine and the colon cleanse diet is complete.