Colocation Services Of A Data Center Facility In Las Vegas

Are you considering acquiring the services of a data center facility in Las Vegas? Are you looking for colocation or data center solutions? Then this article is for you. This article will discuss the data center and colocation services offered at a high quality data center facility in Las Vegas as well as provide information about how theses services can benefit your business.

Data Center Facility in Las Vegas
Looking for a data center facility in Las Vegas? Get data center solutions that easily scale with your business needs.

Choose a data center facility with solutions for all sized businesses, from large multi-national enterprises to small and medium sized businesses.

A High Quality Data Center Facility in Las Vegas:
– Is designed, built, and operated according to industry leading standards to deliver top-tier redundancy and diversity.
– Provides redundant power, cooling, and network connections giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your providers systems are designed and maintained to keep your applications available – no matter what the circumstances.
– Has state-of-the-art fire detection, including VESDA and pre-action fire suppression equipment, for added safety.
– Fields 24x7x365 staffing to provide site security, monitoring and “remote hands” to help your IT team in any situation.
– Is built with multi-layered security systems to keep your equipment safe and sound.

And best of all, with a reputable data center facility in Las Vegas, which is technology neutral you can leverage the best, leading-edge technologies from across their partner network whenever you need it.

Data Center Facility in Las Vegas: Colocation Services
Are you looking for world-class colocation providers in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Don’t settle when it comes to maintaining your business’ critical IT infrastructure. You should never be concerned that your IT infrastructure or mission critical applications could be jeopardized by power outages, cooling issues, security breaches, or space constraints. A high quality data center facility in Las Vegas eliminates those worries.

Enjoy a customized and flexible colocation solution, relentless service, and guaranteed uptime to ensure your business is never in jeopardy. As a customer at a reputable data center facility in Las Vegas, you receive:

– 100% Guaranteed Uptime
– Flexible Contracts
– 24x7x365 Support
– SAS70 Type II Audit
– Unparalleled Network
– Energy Efficiency

Choose a professionally run Las Vegas colocation provider and enterprise hosting company, that provides you with highly secure, environmentally controlled facilities with multiple layers of electrical and mechanical redundancy.

If you are looking for high quality data center facility in Las Vegas, contact local data centers and find a company which allows you to enjoy the flexibility, relentless service, and peace of mind you deserve for your IT infrastructure.

Look for a company full of data center experts. That own and operate multiple data center facilities. These companies allow clients to bring their computer equipment and house them in their data centers where they are in a secure and environmentally controlled place.

These services provide the following benefits:
– Improved uptime for mission critical applications
– Ability to scale without infrastructure concerns
– Reduced capital costs for facility infrastructure
– Reduce labor expenses associate with facility management
– State of the art facility to support our customers sales process