Cold Prevention Methods


The common cold is a viral infection that affects the upper respiratory system. Until now, there is no cure found for this medical condition and sufferers usually just face the fact that they have to deal with the bothersome symptoms until the cold goes away. If you don’t want to be in the mercy of a common cold, learn how to prevent it before it actually strikes.

Our body has a natural form of defense called the immune system. Sometimes due to stress the immune system is weakened. When that happens, the body becomes susceptible to various kinds of diseases and one of those is the common cold. Keep your immune system strong by learning how to manage the everyday stresses in your life.

Not getting enough sleep is another cause of a poor immune system. Sleep is the body’s way of healing broken tissues and restoring lost energy. If you deny your body sleep, you also deny your body tissues the essential repair that they need. Sleep as early as ten in the evening so that your body can get at least eight hours of repairing and replenishing.

Viruses that cause a common cold are usually airborne but can also transfer from one person to another through close contact. To avoid getting infected, make sure you practice proper hygiene. Washing your hands regularly will give viruses and germs little chance of getting into your system. As much as possible, keep distance from people who are suffering from the condition.

Healthy eating is good if you want to feel good about your body but it is not enough to keep the cold virus away. Add food supplements and multivitamins to your diet to make up for vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. You can also ward of common cold before it manifests by taking zinc supplement.

These tips may be simple to look at and perform but if you try them you would see the difference they will make. Getting rid of stress, getting proper sleep, practicing proper hygiene and taking multivitamins can actually keep you free from common cold for at least one year!