Cocoa Flavanols and Cardiovascular Risk, Hot Chocolate is Healthy

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by avlxyz

Cocoa Flavanols and Cardiovascular Risk, Hot Chocolate is Healthy

Everybody loves chocolate. In any form, weather it be chocolate candies, candy bars and even chocolate milk, I’m sure that there is some kind of chocolate that everyone enjoys. The problem with chocolate however is that some people feel incredibly guilty when consuming it. However that shouldn’t be the case because chocolate actually has many positive effects on the body, especially the cardiovascular system.

Studies have shown that when chocolate is consumed in moderation, it can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and even strokes. Cocoa flavenols seems to improve the production of a hormone-type substance called nitric oxide from the inside wall of arteries. Nitric oxide helps improve the function of the endothelium in healthy people as well as those with with heart disease. Other studies have shown that males to regularly eat small amounts of chocolate on the average live longer. Increased memory is an also added benefit as well. Dark chocolate has certain compounds in it that can help reduce problems associated with reduced cognitive function. Hot chocolate is one of the best ways to get your daily dose of antioxidants and cocoa flavanols.

There is nothing better than on a cold day to sip on a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. It warms your body up while tasting incredibly good. However there are some ways to drink hot chocolate that are better than others. Typical hot chocolate is full of chemicals, added sugars and fillers. Some commercially sold products contain up to 50 percent or more of these non healthy ingredients. It is easy to reduce the fat and sugar by drinking an organic hot cocoa that is naturally sweetened with honey or coconut palm sugar. Coconut palm sugar is made from the nectar of the coconut palm tree and has the lowest glycemic index of all sugars, even half that of honey. This makes it especially healthy and tasty with the hot cocoa.

There are tons of different hot chocolates out there that do not have these harmful ingredients. Organic hot chocolate gives you all the benefits of regular hot chocolate while still remaining incredibly healthy. It might taste a bit richer and darker than what you are used to, but it doesn’t taste bad, and change isn’t necessarily bad. What is better than keeping your body healthy and consuming something that you truly love while it helps you stay healthy?

It is interesting to note that hot chocolate is one of the most popular ways to consume chocolate. It could be that it’s freezing outside right now, or the fact that everywhere you go, you hear about the health benefits of chocolate. This is good news because this creates a greater interest in hot chocolate. With a greater interest in hot chocolate, the more people will demand a healthy alternative to the prepackaged bags of chocolate colored sugar water that are now passed off as hot chocolate.

With the increasing number of people and companies making healthy hot cocoa and naturally sweetened chocolate, consumers gain more options. Gourmet hot chocolates, cheap hot chocolates, and yes even healthy hot chocolates. So next time your are feeling cold and feel guilty about drinking regular hot chocolate, think about picking up some healthier organic hot chocolate with a natural sweetener. Indulge yourself in something that can help your cardiovascular system and overall health.

It still gives you all the benefits that chocolate can have without any of the negative ingredients. The scientific evidence is clear that flavanols can make an important contribution to a healthy cardiovascular system.

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