ClipArt along with the Study of Cute

Humans have a strong of “cute”. Comprehension of this seemingly abstract idea of cute is programmed into our minds. Primarily cuteness suggests youth.

A big head with low placed eyes, blunt and chubby limbs, roundness…most artists can employ these aspects instinctively to attain a level of cuteness within a character.

Human beings are specially attracted to cuteness given that we are the ultimate nurturers of all breathing creatures. Our instinct doesn’t conclusion with our own youngsters, but our sense of cute extends even to the animal world. Without a doubt, human beings are the most competent “proper care givers” on this globe.

Ultimately, a cute creature could be a lot more likely to be cared for by its parent, ensuring its survival. Cute has an incredibly practical place in nature.

Cute Illustrations

As you may see in my website, in my own illustrations I’ve sought to attain an excellent harmony involving cute and professional. This can be a rather tough thing to do from time to time. Too cute just can’t be taken seriously. Too professional is boring. If I had my way, I’d almost certainly be making a lot more story-book style cuteness, but because of the nature of my field (Stock Illustration) I am compelled to calculate my prepare more meticulously.

I’ve 3 major series that make use of the “cute factor”, as you can see on my website.

Orange Man

The Orange Man was my first to perform this, and I cannot seem to top this one. It is basically an inflated stick figure redrawn into a number of various scenarios. He is famous and winning on account of his complimentary properties of abstractness and simplicity.

AO-Maru Robot

Developed for Techies, he is rather clumsy and bulbous, bearing slight amenities of a toddler. Still, he bears a unique sophistication together with his blue stripes and technologically highly developed appearance which is really a harmony of modern day and 60′s style engineering.

Human Factor (Krinkle’s People).

These were created for my wife. She is the ultimate fan of “cute characters” and I created these for her primarily. Knowing three languages and loving culture, she assigns me the majority of assignments in creating these characters. She writes the descriptions on their product pages, She is bringing our illustrations to french and spanish speaking audiences. They can be found on my website.

These are my favorites, but not very well known. They’ve the blunt features from the orange man, but more extreme. They have the same eyes as AO-Maru. I really don’t expect they may turn out to be very popular until a while longer. Due to effects of globalization and more individuals obtaining access to professional assets such as stock illustration, I anticipate this series which specializes in racial diversity has still to see its day in fame. I continue to invest time in the growing of this illustration series.

Are you a fan of “cute”? Keep in touch. Cute is what I draw best.

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