Clinical Research Training

Research and development in Pharma industry:

Every medical product has to be tried and tested before being launched in the market. It is the pharmaceutical companies and research organizations who normally conduct these trials and tests to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the medicine, before it is launched in the market. A Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is the person who is responsible for conducting these tests, while adhering to the rules and regulations laid by the government and also ensuring the health and safety of people. These tests are done on healthy people as well as on patients suffering from some illness.

Seal your future with a clinically approved profession:

Are you a science graduate? Or someone with an experience in health care? Or may be you are just somebody, waiting to have a budding career in health care/medical science. If yes, then you must consider opting for Clinical Research Training. In India, the Clinical Research industry is growing at an enormous rate of 30% annually. It is estimated that in the next 5 years, the world will need at least 50,000 trained professionals. So the number speaks as to how big an industry, you can actually be tapping into. Not only is it one of the growing industry, but it also offers great financial packages. You can earn anywhere from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 40,000. Isnt that good enough to get a head start!

How far can you go as a CRA?

Clinicians, pharmacists and therapists who can conduct clinical research in a multi-disciplinary research environment, are the need of the hour. There is a growing requirement of clinical researchers, who have the ability to convert clinical knowledge into practice and deliver high quality care.

Once you become a qualified CRA, there is no turning back. You have diverse options to go even further. The various positions that can be explored include; Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC), CRA Managers, Project Managers, Research & Development Project Managers, GCP QA/QC Auditors, Data Managers/Biostatisticians, Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Professionals, Safety Managers, Corporate Managers, Clinical Research Trainers, Clinical Site Managers and Business Development Professionals.

In India, you can find institutes that offer specific courses in Clinical Research Training. Study the institute before getting enrolled and learn more about the qualification and experience of the teachers. Once you are sure of most of these, you are all set for a bright future ahead.