Classical Kitchen Furniture

One of the most prevalent trends over the past five years has been the increasing popularity of classical kitchen styles. As a result, many consumers are choosing more simplified designs such as Shaker flat panelled kitchens with less intricate doors and frames, compared to Victorian styles which were a popular choice in the late 90s.

However, the kitchen industry has had to ensure that classical furniture is suitable for modern demands and as a result it is often combined with up-to-date technology and fixings. This means that internal fittings, bins and hardware that are often seen in the more Germanic modern or minimalistic product ranges are often combined with classical furniture to provide the consumer with the most practical kitchen. In addition, the flexibility of classical handmade furniture means that bespoke designs are able to implement the use of wider and larger, popular American appliances, which is often not possible with other kitchen styles such as the Germanic cabinets.

Despite tough economic conditions, demand for high-end classical kitchens has continued . This could perhaps be attributed to the fact that people recognise the importance of quality and longevity in their purchases and are looking for a long term investment.

Shaker style doors remain the most popular classical kitchen design, with painted wood the most popular finish, although the current trend is to mix accents in
timber (usually Walnut or European Oak) with the majority of the kitchen hand painted. These kitchens are typically becoming grander in both size and design, with higher-end kitchens often combining contrasting hand painted and hardwood finishes, curved cabinets, chopping blocks, pantries and stone work surfaces, which help to add value to the kitchen.

Classical kitchens are set to remain a popular choice amongst consumers as they stand the test of time, provide a comfortable living space rather than just functional food preparation area and are often more flexible, providing the owner with more design choices.