Classic Horror Films

There is nothing like watching a classic (a classic horror film that is). Horror films have always been intriguing which is why horror is actually an adaptation of a good drama.
Whether it is the chills that run up and down our spines as we watch these films or the jolts of energy and suspense that we feel as we watch them, there is nothing that comes close to a good old classic horror film.
The horror films from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s are extremely different from todays horror flicks. The earlier movies relied more on story, casting and characters to create truly suspenseful and horrific movies whereas after that, movies were basically made to cut up people and show as much gore as possible through special effects. Only a few modern horror films actually take the time to develop and create a worthwhile storyline and plot.
The 1920s Dracula
Before vampires sparkled, they were scary. Dracula is the greatest real vampire movie of all time, telling the story of Count Dracula as he reunites with his long lost soul mate, Mina. Minas Fianc and professor try to save Mina from the evil grasp of Count Dracula who is trying to make her his eternal soul mate by stealing what is left of her life and soul.
The 1940s The Wolfman
While wolves often look cute and cuddly, by nature, they are very different. The Wolfman tells the story of Larry Talbot who defeats the beast but is bitten before doing so. The wolfs mother comes to Larry to prepare him for the truth that he too will turn into a savage beast in the moment that there is a full moon.
The 1950s Vertigo
This tempting criminal horror film revolves around a trauma that a detective has suffered. As a result he must retire and he finds himself falling for a mystery woman. An old friend hires this detective for some private eye work, but discovers that the wife he is investigating seems to be much more supernatural than he could have ever suspected. Vertigo has a traditional plot but how the movie is delivered with convincing acting, no special effects are needed to prove the horrific nature of the wifes acts. Pay attention to the detail and the cinematographic tricks that are used to create this inspiring horror film.
The Blob
Another classic horror film is The Blob. Nowadays it may be reverting more to the cheesy side of horror films, but this flick certainly made its viewers jump back in the day. This story revolves around a shapeless mass that expands as it conquers each victim. The ending is too good to tell and the climax of this movie makes it one of the best classic horror films of all time.