Civilian Prices Increasingly Popular Beauty Lift Soymilk Storm

1994, the world’s first home


Out into the tens of millions of units sold in 2008, soybean milk industry has gone through 15 years. 15 years for a modern industry, and there is a short, but the soybean milk has been maintained tepid embarrassing situation: the slow product upgrades, technical lack of innovation, market dominated by a corporate, high prices, consumer Response to cold … …

Prices become more “normal” universal crisis of beauty set off Soymilk

This is a worst of times, and this is the best of times, along with the crisis are also opportunities for students. With the accelerated popularity of soybean milk machine, the United States, the DF-brands such as involvement, in 2009 the soybean milk market is doomed to crisis and opportunity in the stormy journey to accept baptism. It is reported that

Home Appliances

U.S. industrial giant’s spent 300 million yuan in



The establishment of an area of 100,000 square meters of cooking appliances Industrial Park soybean milk production line put into operation soon, which will be the world’s largest soybean milk production base, with 4 million units annual output up to 3000’s soybean milk production line, it means the milk production machine must be released capacity. It should be noted that the U.S. launch of a new generation of soybean milk and mainstream materials in manufacturing processes, both off the subversive revolution, greatly improving the soybean milk price-performance ratio, so that the mainstream has been to 500 range for the present collapse of the market structure trend.

To break the oligopoly


Farewell prices unrealistically high

As a national industry, soybean milk market has long been an oligopoly situation, the lack of effective competition to stimulate the development of the industry, and technology stands still and rigid conservatism is seriously restricted Soymilk technology upgrading and updating.

We know that a violation of laws of development of market economy, lack of competition in the industry, can not seek fast development. Automotive industry today, not the Ford family’s achievements; and Bill Gates, even if Microsoft has made a global industry, we must always guard against IBM and other rivals in the raid. Alone the power of individual companies can not promote a Soymilk’s industrial upgrading, not to mention the deliberate monopoly to oligopoly with strong R & D was an obstacle causing more affected the pace of development of the whole soybean milk industry. That is why the birth of 10 years, soybean milk, or remain in the “old donkey pulls the mill,” an upgraded version of the reason, the traditional soybean milk and therefore has not been out of foam beans take a long time, the limitations of repeated cleaning.

Soymilk existing oligopoly markets also impeded the spread of soybean milk. A dominance in the market share on an absolute advantage, competitors are few, in this situation is bound to lack of business sense of crisis, but will not consider cutting costs through technological innovation and to gain a price advantage. Even a long period of time, soybean milk are known as the “civilian luxury”, because soybean milk was originally aimed at the public table of the populace demands, the price of why people are not worth the impression of a milling machines easily milk a few hundred dollars or even thousands, a well-known brand has also launched a 6,999 yuan of astronomical soybean milk machine, can not help but be prohibitive.

Easy to use inexpensive, the United States of launching “Material Revolution”

Throughout the United States of Soymilk

viewed itself as the industry technology innovator of advanced technology and hope to Soymilk this traditional concept of high performance machines. Strong launch of its 2008 third-generation network of soybean milk, soybean milk machine broke through the bubble long beans and cleaning too cumbersome limitations of self-developed technology and culture milk. Currently, the United States of soybean milk also launched a strong steel machine, soybean milk machine seeks to lead the high-end trend.

America’s third generation of “no net, bubble-free” technology, completely free from the shackles of nets to solve the cleaning problem, while ensuring no loss of nutritional situation, to avoid the “bubble beans” inadvertently caused by security problems. Supplemented with no net increase S-shaped dynamic eddy current technology patented serrated blades, the full release more nutrients.

The use of stainless steel body

addition, the completion of the soybean milk is from inside to outside of the magnificent transfiguration, launched the industry’s “material revolution.” It is reported that the U.S. release of nearly half of the soybean milk production, which accounting for more than 50% of stainless steel series. Very texture of the stainless steel body, not only ensuring the grinding of soybean milk without smell, so that the consumer is safe to drink; but also in the milling process to avoid the trouble of hanging pulp, cleaning more convenient, durable antimicrobial properties also in ensuring health, while also extending the life of Soymilk.