Choose Beauty, Choose Cesarean

.tags Bearing children is a thing every woman can do. But every woman may has her choice of the mode of parturition. There are two choices, one is eutocia, the other is cesarean. Which one is better? There did not have a final conclusion. For me, eutocia take the priority of cesarean. I won’t choose cesarean only if have no alternative but to do cesarean.

Doctors said that there are many benefits of eutocia. By the extrusion through birth canal, child’s amniotic fluid in mouth can be extruded out in order to avoid encephalitis or other sequelaes. Mothers after eutocia can recover faster and better.

While cesarean also has many benefits. Now a time, people have more nutrition and so have larger fetus. This increases the pain and difficulty of parturition. From throes to the cry of a baby, puerperas have to suffer a few hours even almost one day’s agony. That’s why more and more people choose cesarean now. Although cesarean mothers have to undergo surgery, but after all doctors will made drug to relieve their pain. Compared with eutocia, the pain of cesarean is a drop in the bucket.

Besides, though today’s iatrology is well developed and there are less and less puerperas died of childbirth, it is not represent no one will die of childbirth. But cesarean can assure a high security. So, for the safe of puerpera and child, many women choose cesarean.

Lastly, many mothers choose cesarean because they want to keep slim and beautiful. As the old saying goes, the love for beauty is a nature of all human beings. If eutocia, women’s pelvis will engender many sutura. Though it is said that the sutura will heal after childbirth, but it is difficult for mothers restoring the original appearance. How can the beauty lovers accept this? So the cesarean become their preferred choice.