Chinese Letter Tattoos – The Ancient Art!

The ancient art of tattoo making is a fashion statement in today’s modern world. Using ink and needles to make different patterns and designs on different parts of the body is a part of modern day body fashion.

Since ancient times man has looked for ways to adorn the body to make it more appealing and unique. This struggle gave birth to the concept of making jewelry, body piercing and body tattoos.

A tattoo is a permanent pigmentation of the body and it stays with you all your life. A tattoo can be made to say your name, reflect your thought, your love of nature or just a delicate design to reflect your taste.

Due to the unique elegance and beauty of Chinese letters, the art of Chinese letter tattoos is gaining rapid popularity. The beauty of Chinese letters sets it apart from any other alphabet. No matter which Chinese letter or symbol you get, it will always be appealing to the eye.

Another quality of Chinese letters that sets it apart is that a single letter or symbol is capable of saying what other languages require many words for. Getting even a single Chinese letter tattoo can enable you to communicate a whole idea. Many Chinese symbols have a history and tradition behind them, which can be symbolized using a single letter.

The most commonly made Chinese letter tattoos are Zhong, Ren, Yong, Long, Yi, Qin, Ai and Hu. Zhong is a Chinese letter tattoo that is used to symbolize loyalty. Ren shows its wearer to be kind, benevolent and soft hearted. Long is the Chinese tattoo for the ancient Chinese dragon that has a long history in Chinese culture. Qin is a design that means diligent. Yong tattoo will tell everyone that this person is about bravery. Yi symbolizes loyalty to the brotherhood the person belongs to or for justice and equality. For those who value love over everything else can communicate this aspect of their personality by getting a Chinese letter tattoo Ai, which means love. And finally Hu is a tattoo that symbolizes the tiger, which is the fastest moving predator of the jungle.

Choosing the right Chinese letter tattoos is not an easy job. As the Chinese language has no alphabets, you can not get a simple translation to say what you wanted it to. This requires careful research. You should probably get help from a person who has acute knowledge of Chinese culture and language; such a person will be able to easily guide you to find the perfect Chinese letter tattoo for you.

As this tattoo is going to stay with you for the rest of your life, so choose carefully, and avoid dissatisfaction of getting a tattoo in haste and then finding another beautiful design that you like better and wishing that you have gotten that instead. A tattoo is permanent, so the process that is involved in removing a tattoo if you absolutely have to is both extremely painful and hard on the pocket.