China One Of The Importer To U.S.A

China has become one of the world’s biggest producers of the low price goods which are the most popular amongst the consumers around the world. China is the largest exporter in the world for the electronic toys of children produced at very cheap rates and these are very affordable by the people with the low income or the medium income group.

China is the business partner with the United States of America and is the largest exporter of various goods to it. The relation between the two countries or the trade relationship between the two is very eminent and even with the recession around the globe the trade amongst the two has been increasing at a regular percentage. So if the trade between the two is great then the freight services should also be good. Because of the increase in business many of the foreign freight companies have opened there offices in china such as the Freight Services UK Company and various other business houses have joined the trade. These companies give the full knowledge to the individual that what all are the basic formalities required to export and the other custom formalities.

The ratio of percentage of import and export between the two countries from the past 10 years have seen a drastic increase that is in 2006 US imported 130% of products more than the past four years track record of goods and similarly China imported the Rose and the other products about 100%more than the past year.

The major categories which are imported into USA are the computer hardware products and the computers itself and the major commodities are the metals like the ZINC, NICKEL and various other house keeping things and specially the toys. China also exports the sports wear products and the wrist watches the footwear electronic equipments such as DVD players and the other CDS and television sets and others.

Thus on seeing the major growth in the export quantity many of the freight service companies got huge business of transportation by these two countries and the charges of freight carriage by these companies are different from each depending upon the kind of product to be sent. Because of the so much increase in the business amongst the countries the service standards of the companies of freight transport have also increased manifold. Thus the shipping companies have bought new good quality ships for transportation to provide better safety for the exporters.