Chile 8.8 Earthquake Occurred On The Role Of Gps In The Rescue – Chile Earthquake, Gps-automotive

.tags In the earthquake, GPS Positioning function for the trapped rescue vehicles and personnel played a key role, play a great practical effect, while we see a lot of traffic in the extreme case, also see changes in the market, which gives us the application and the GPS With the development of new understanding and some thoughts.

1, GPS positioning capabilities to save lives

Past positioning function on the passenger business, logistics companies, its main use is that it can facilitate real-time access to corporate vehicle running position, speed, operation indicators, the data help its vehicle scheduling management, with the good management mechanism can be a good stop speeding, string line operations, illegal operations and other issues, but from the earthquake, we can clearly see that in a very short time after the earthquake, transportation management department, rescue command center, and office place damaged enterprises service center to the company monitors calls to inquire about traffic situation; not be greatly damaged the first time the transport companies are using their own GPS monitoring corporate vehicles, the client to understand the situation, all institutions and enterprises according to the specific location we provide targeted self-help organization personnel to install a GPS monitoring for the operation of vehicles to provide more timely and important to help the rescue, the rescue success rate and accuracy are greatly improved.

In addition, the earthquake on the private car market has also had a significant impact. After the earthquake, as aftershocks continue for a long time car owners, many cities in Sichuan, many have chosen their cars home at night a lot of vehicles per day in open areas, the people at this time as a real car home, and GPS to the mobile home have “address”, took root. This May 19th was a very clear day, aftershocks of the Sichuan Earthquake Bureau issued a notice likely to occur, the communication congestion, a lot of cars bound for outside the city, some have not had time to inform family members, but installation of the vehicle positioning functions His family soon learned of its location, also put a heart; In addition, after the earthquake, there is a steady stream of vehicles marched disaster rescue, many of which also braved the risk of aftershocks into lots, installed GPS Monitor positioning function of vehicles affected areas will be more secure, and more conducive to an organized schedule.

Long orientation feature is not subject to the attention of private owners, whether or GPS-fitted after the installation market, the owner of awareness and experience of the GPS main function is derived from the self-positioning Navigation Functions and entertainment features, only a small part of the vehicle for security considerations can only installed with third-party monitoring of GPS products. Private owners after the earthquake positioning function for a whole new understanding of security awareness has been a big upgrade, this major change will bring the market structure, product form, service content and methods of great influence.

2, traffic information and GPS combination of new and important applications will be

There is also a very important potential market for GPS function also extends the understanding of the earthquake to the people earlier, and this is the traffic information. We used the knowledge of the traffic information is more limited for transportation convenience, and in the earthquake relief information on traffic control largely determines the speed of the rescue. During this time, a large number of volunteers marched disaster, we, as one of them also have strong feelings for, because the affected area is large landslides, debris flow by secondary disasters such as the impact of the aftershocks are still growing, so changes in the traffic information at the moment . By TV Traffic on the reported information can not meet the requirements of real time, many volunteers encounter departure traffic information and get the ground situation does not match, such as the car to the halfway also found that temporary closure of a highway, a section of the cave; there understanding is through radio traffic reports, spontaneous volunteers through his section of the report to the radio, and through radio broadcasts, which can solve part of the real-time traffic problems, but a very limited amount of information, but also for drivers not familiar with the road is not intuitive .