Cardiology Hospital In Marathahalli

.tags Where will you find a cardiology hospital in Marathahalli that you can rely on for service, treatment, professionalism and care?
Upon doing a review, the answer is the Genesis Medical facility which offers heart treatment as part of its comprehensive care program.

The hospital runs a comprehensive Heart Smart program focusing on:
Cardio-vascular Fitness and;
Life-style changes

Taking a close interest in the health of your own heart and working to see that it is as healthy as possible is the first step to healthy heart and a longer life.

The Heart Smart program will help you to:
Learn how to take your blood pressure if you wish.
Keep a record of your blood pressure so you can detect changes.
Check on and record your blood glucose levels.
Record your cholesterol levels and keep it under control
Watch your weight.
Balance your nutrition and;
The Genesis Cardiology hospital in Marathahalli helps to set good physical activity habits

Cardio Vascular Fitness is related to physical fitness and relates to the ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to supply oxygen to your muscles and brain during sustained physical activity.

Utilizing the heart Smart program listed above, the professional staff at the Genesis Medical Facility can keep a check on your system to make sure that it is working at close to its best performance for all activity and no matter your age.


In order to keep your cardio vascular fitness at a reasonable level it may be that you will need to make major or minor changes to your lifestyle. You may need a fitness regime, a change in diet or even medical treatment in order to correct a minor problem or help to correct a major one.

In order to achieve this you will need skilled practitioners who are qualified in the different aspects of this form of treating a patient. At Genesis cardiology hospital in Marathahalli they have a professional team of physicians and on-call consultants that understand your requirements and can provide all of the information and treatment that you will require, and all in one central location in Marathahalli. The facility is open all day every day.

However in addition the Genesis facility is not just restricted to one location and has a number of offices and clinics in many locations across Bangalore. They also offer home and hotel visits and care from skilled nurses and physicians.

Recognized as a leader in their field since 1995 and managed by a physician with over 35 years practical experience, your need to look no further than the Genesis cardiology hospital in Marathahalli

For consultations or appointments at the hospital please call: 984 554 3015