Canine Bad Breath


Canine bad breath will take the fun out of holding your pet and getting those doggie kisses. This can also get so bad that nobody wants your pet around him or her. Of course this is embarrassing for you and hard on them because of the rejection they will receive. Nobody wants a stinky dog around them. But worse of all it can mean health problems for you pet.

We have all heard of “doggy breath” but truthfully a healthy dog does not have bad breath. There are many causes of this problem but the most common cause is the teeth and gums. Any cause of foul smelling breath or halitosis should be checked into as to the reason for this.

Canine dental care:

Periodontal disease can become very serious if not treated. Inflammation of the gums means infection of the tissue. If not treated this can predispose your pet to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, arthritis and possibly other chronic diseases.

Plaque is caused from the acid in saliva and bacteria that sticks to the teeth. Calculus is the yellow brown material that sticks to the plaque. These cause an irritant and the beginning of periodontal disease.

Canine dentistry:

Canine bad breath is not something your dog should have. Ok they don’t have a sweet minty breath but it should in no way smell foul. His gums should be pink and healthy, his teeth white and firm.

Pet oral care:

Chewing is the natural way for a dog to clean their teeth. In the wild they would rip raw meat from the bone. Naturally the domesticated dog does not do this. So we must furnish our pets with chews that help clean their teeth.

Chew items can be bones (you must be careful as to what kind and they must be raw) rawhides and chew toys. Biscuits can make them fat if given too many so they are not much good for cleaning teeth.

Bones need to be raw and you must be careful as to what type you give them. Do not use cooked bones, poultry bones and pork bones as they can splinter and cause a number of problems and even death. So be very careful if you decide to give your pet a bone.

Chew toys are a great choice because they are made to encourage chewing. They are made up to endure the chewing and help to clean the teeth. A rawhide is fine once in awhile but you don’t want to give your dog a steady diet of them. These also could cause them to gain weight and have problems if given too many.

Canine bad breath is not normal so please take care when this happens. Chances are it is his teeth but no matter what is causing it you want it treated. This is not only for your relief but for his comfort even more so than yours.