Candy Kart Vandals【Wreck-It Ralph】COLLAB with IzzyVActress (Fandubbed)

Candy Kart Vandals【Wreck-It Ralph】COLLAB with IzzyVActress (Fandubbed)

Can I just say… FINALLY!
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a Fandub Collab!… And even longer since I’ve uploaded a collaboration with my sister in an actual animated scene.

This has been in the works for a few months now. The vocals were recorded ages ago (although I still remember how hoarse I sounded after my recording session). Since our last computer crapped out on us we had to wait before we could work on editing this bad boy.
Thank God Isabelle was around to help me tag team editing the sfx… Infinite thank you’s, Isabelle!

Can I also just say how much I’ve missed voice-acting for these little projects? 🙂

One other thing… Please don’t forget to subscribe to Isabelle’s Channel. She worked just as hard as I did with the vocals and editing, so if you liked the video you’ll love all the content in her channel as well! I’ve linked her channel below.

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Fandub Cast:

Isabelle: Taffyta Muttonfudge / Additional Voices / Mixing & Editing

Marybelle: Vanellope Von Schweetz / Additional Effort Sounds / Mixing & Editing

Ralph: Original

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*♡* Disclaimer: We do not own this video. The characters, music and animation belong to its legitimate creators/owners and NOT US! We own nothing but our voices and only wish to express our love for voice acting through this NON-PROFIT FANDUB! We DO NOT claim to be the original Voice Actors! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!