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Remember to provinces Travel , The problem of language used, Naoguo a joke: to the restaurant, called the waiter to “head rice”, he suddenly shocked to stay standing, speechless. That is, we say “head rice”, intended by head count, each a bowl of rice to eat this way, demand, control the appetite, but also worry about was enough to eat. However, many provinces have no such habit, are pots of rice was served, the table with people their own points. Therefore, the waiter does not know what “head rice” was.

Some time ago, and met a

Consumption Who buy Rice cooker , In addition to price, “head rice” is his primary concern. Reporters with him to understand the whole buying process, smart worthy reference.

First appetite: adherence to the “small” putting the word. Because every Saturday, adults not at home, he then planned to junior high school children read at home to buy rice cooker, so that children learn both their own

Life , Is also convenient to solve the problem Saturday dinner. Based on this reality, in the purchase, he bought the first set of conditions: for one appetite, small and easy to use. Like many families, he is no shortage of rice cooker, the “service” to handle even in the 67’s appetite, but because children are still small and not good to do one big pot of rice, so small as possible capacity is their preference.

Again Price: shop around. After the selected capacity, the consumers have started looking at numbers on products. Including the United States, the music, have access to their discernment. However, after comparison of the two stores and found the beauty of Chinese and offer 190 yuan, a rice cooker, another quote is this number, but the latter through the “mill price”, the actually dropped to 160. Bargain very smoothly, is not to offer 190 yuan, “said” to know the latter, while pestering be favorable. Sales personnel also resorted to a transfer target of tricks, for example, music has a similar capacity, products, and more useful, more appropriate for children such as the rice. But the consumer “deaf ear”, staff re-

3 Table Show that buy their own saw in that paragraph. Sales finally be grinding to a compromise, agreed to offer 160.

After Brand: look at the actual use conditions. Different brands have different characteristics, the consumer is not the money, and are inclined to use the joint-venture brands, imports

Home Appliances However, when the rice cooker Why choose disposable music and beauty contest? Without consideration of quality, but need to buy according to actual use. As a child every Saturday until the lingua franca of the rice cooker, but also easy to use, do not need too many functions that can cope with the child’s meals on OK. If you choose to almost double of that section of your music products, will be used may compare looks good, but the actual depreciation, value of expression, etc., would be in under the latter.

Smart TI PS : Shift the attention of consumers is that many sales trick, do not vacillating, or buy back the products, the most would regret. This


, Especially the areas of cosmetics, household appliances are not uncommon.