Business Law firm in Ireland


Business law and Commercial Law encompass the laws related to the everyday activities of a modern business or corporation. In Ireland’s present economic climate, it is considered imperative to utilise the services of an established specialist commercial law firm, and particularly a law firm that can service all business and commercial law needs under one roof.


Whether a business is starting out or is a well established company, the need for a business law firm is significant.  Business law firms provide assistance in a broad array of business matters, from internal issues like banking and finance, corporate and commercial law, and employment law to external affairs such as litigation and dispute resolution.  Regardless of their size or experience, companies must protect their assets and reputation with a competent commercial law firm.


In the event that a company is subject to litigation, a business law firm will provide the assistance crucial to resolving legal proceeds with a favourable result for the company.  General practice law firms that are not as qualified or resourced as a specialist business law firm, may not be as capable in dealing with complex areas of law litigation regarding: agency, distribution, franchise and licensing, terms and conditions of sale and purchase, public procurement, commercial law agreements,  European Law relating to commercial transactions, and media law.  It is important for businesses to have experienced legal counsel that is well regarded in these areas.


Every business has employees, and with employees come a wide range of legal issues.  Employee contracts, policy and procedure manuals, disciplinary and grievance resolution, redundancies, harassment issues, union agreements, and pension schemes are all topics familiar to small and large businesses alike.  Without the aid of a commercial law firm, companies will be left vulnerable to potentially costly and destructive legal action.


Should a business become so lucrative that it is able to branch out into a franchise, a commercial law firm experienced in franchising matters will help guide the business through this process of expansion.  It is best to choose a business law firm that belongs to the European Franchising Network, which provides a seamless one stop on-line service for all franchising matters within all EU Member States.  This service saves franchisors time and money by making information available regarding relevant commercial and legal information on franchising in the EU.


To grow, maintain profit, and protect interests, all businesses should retain the services of an experienced commercial law firm.  Regardless of size, every company is susceptible to legal action.  By retaining a qualified business law firm that can adeptly resolve a wide variety of issues, companies can spend more time focusing on other matters such as profit margins and employee and customer satisfaction.




While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this article, it does not constitute a representation or other professional advice. Readers are advised to seek specific legal advice on any particular matter. For specific legal advice in relation to Business Law and related legal topics, please contact Beauchamps Corporate Solicitors directly at corporate law firm .