All human interaction is bribery. Chew on that. This is a nice, simple, to the point explanation of the veracity of this claim.


As your mind grows, the sophistication of your ability to see the benefits or consequences of your actions exponentially increases. As it is, a five year old can only understand what is immediately beneficial or detrimental to themselves. That is to say, they understand that they like the taste of candy, so if you bribe a child with candy, this is satisfying. However, when they reach adulthood, bribery becomes more about community. It becomes instead, if you do well in school, you’ll get a good job and make a lot of money and contribute to society. Then, as one becomes even more sophisticated (more intelligent people in general), they begin to see where shirking immediate benefits or even benefits that go out past maybe five years could help the entire world in perpetuity. In other words, the more sophisticated one is, the farther into the future they can draw out the chain of consequences of their actions. So, people like Ron Paul, can envision, for instance, the beauty of bitcoin for perhaps the next five years, and the next five thousand.

Visionaries tend to be extremely sophisticated, extremely intelligent. Everything is bribery, as we are always compromising with each others’ free will. That is, I must emphasize, compromising WITH, not simply compromising. Once we see this, we will stop denying the truth, and we will respect each other more.

Though, more accurately, all human interaction is bribery.