Breastfeeding Problems Causes and Home Remedies


A mother usually feeds her new born with her own breast milk which is in fact a life-giving tonic for the baby, a rich source of nourishment. Mother’s milk strengthens the baby to fight against future health hazards. Breast feeding is thereby an act of feeding the baby with milk produced naturally in the mother’s breasts. As the baby suckles breast milk, he or she not only gains in health, but also gets acquainted with the love-filled bond that exists between the baby and his or her mother. Therefore the out flow of milk from the mother’s breast is, as it were, the outflow the mother’s love and affection for her child.

In its power of supplying essential nutrients to the baby, breast milk far surpasses all other baby food products available in market. Breast milk is much easier for the baby to digest when compared to all other market formulations. Breast milk helps in the baby’s brain development, strengthens immunity thereby empowering the child to grapple with future infection and allergy threats. Breast milk also helps the child to have healthy bone, muscles and teeth.

The two major problems which many new mothers encounter while feeding their baby are poor quality of milk and low quantity of milk.

The causes for poor quality of breast milk may be listed as follows:

1. Poor diet or malnutrition
2. High dose of antibiotics contaminating milk
3. Excessive intake of caffeine
4. Alcohol intake
5. Insufficient rest.

The causes of low quantity of breast milk may be listed as follows:

1. Use of breast pump
2. Poor nutrition
3. Stress
4. Sore nipples
5. Baby’s incapacity to suck properly
6. Clogged milk ducts.

Home Remedies

1. Take alfalfa tea daily. This stimulates lactation and improves breast milk qualitatively and quantitatively.

2. Consume chaste tree extracts, for it increases the secretion of Prolactin, aiding easy flow of milk.

3. Vervain increases milk secretion and helps with stress management. The herb should be taken with meals.

4. Massaging breasts gently with almond oil stimulates the milk producing glands.

5. Application of bitter gourd extracts treats the problem of sore nipples.

6. Make a paste by mixing powdered cumin seeds and water and apply on nipples. This will soften nipples and reduce pain, facilitating easy outflow of milk.

7. Application of turmeric paste kills the germs lodged in sore nipples and also brings down the soreness.

8. Application of heat pad soothes engorged breasts and acts as pain relief.

9. Keep breasts covered up with green cabbage leaves for about 2 hours. This lessens engorgement.

10. Take a cup of milk with half teaspoon fennel in it regularly. This increases lactation.

11. Take a cup of milk with half teaspoon cinnamon powder in it, twice a day. This boosts up milk production.

12. A diet rich in garlic and onion stimulates milk production.