Breastfeeding After Cesarean Section


More often than not, many women will prepare to bring their baby into the world naturally, that is, via a vaginal birth. However, in some cases, natural delivery is replaced by an emergency Cesarean Section and as a result of this some women may be disappointed and may not have been prepared for the side effect of the surgery.

On the other hand, if this is your second delivery by surgery, you may have some ideas as to what to expect, but if this is your first, here are some suggestions that may be helpful in breastfeeding after a Cesarean.

Yes, you can breastfeed your child after the surgery. In fact, with the help of a nurse and your support person, you can begin nursing your child even in the recovery room. However, let me be quick to point out that this will depend on whether you are undergoing general or regional anesthesia. In either case though, as soon as you are able to feed your baby and the doctor gives the okay, go ahead and do so.


Due to the incision and the position of it, you will not be able to rest your baby on your belly, without experiencing some pain and perhaps opening the stitches. So, you can hold the baby in the football or clutch position, that is, placing the baby on a pillow with your hand supporting his/her head, neck and back and the baby’s feet will be at your back. It is like holding a football.


Give your support persons the opportunity to help you, by allowing them to place a pillow or two behind your back as you lay on your side. Place a pillow under your arm as well and have the baby position by the breast as you support the baby’s head, neck and back.

Ask for help

Ask for as much help as you need, in getting the baby from his/her sleeping cot into the breastfeeding position. However, the sooner that you are able to move around, the faster you will heal and get back to “normal”. Nevertheless, do not push it, take it one step at a time, because, if you push it, you may open the incision and you would not want that to happen.

Where the pills that are given for the pain is concerned, they do not usually harm the baby, but ask your health care provider (s) about the specify medication that will be given to you or that are given to you as you recover.