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.tags 1000 Variety bulk screen printing in the packaging printing industry to improve packaging quality, and enhance marketing effectiveness and enhance the added value of such goods play an important role, along with equipment, materials and process technology improvements has improved steadily, 1000 Variety volume screen printing in packaging made more breakthroughs and development. Screen printing technology is the use of photographic materials, photographic plate by the method, the ink through the graphic part of the mesh Transfer To the substrates, the screen printing equipment is simple, convenient operation, printing, plate making simple and low cost, adaptability, not only the texture pattern printed out fine, and washable, do not fade, is suitable for mass production.

Mesh screen skeleton is produced, is supported Sensitive adhesive Photographic film or basic, is the largest screen printing companies spend an area, including wire mesh installed price and the cost of recovery. The new screen material to create high-quality printed products, save costs and increase efficiency the primary protection.

Single screen system. By using a one-time screen systems can reduce labor intensity of workers, to ensure fast operation to replace screen printing. Screen can be used with high reproducibility and stability of the device pre-stretching, to ensure that every one can get the same wire mesh tension.

Pre-coated wire mesh. Sensitive adhesive Pre-coated wire mesh can be exposed and develop on the screen, which not only greatly simplified coating and drying screen before exposure step, and pre-coated screen to accurately control the light-sensitive adhesive coating thickness, precise control of ink film thickness , better print quality stability.

Non-woven mesh material. The new screen includes two punch type and corrosion-type material, non-woven mesh made of wire mesh to overcome the traditional longitude and latitude of the junction to the coated photosensitive adhesive tape to the trouble. At present non-woven mesh material from 100% nickel by electroforming made of, a unique hexagonal structure to achieve excellent stability and good performance over Mexico, can screen varying in width Printing any stretch, suitable for high speed printing, with the calibration of high precision, high resistance to Indian power advantages. Variety

1000 Creative Workshop unique volume clothing by hand screen printing technology 1000 Fashion Square Variety creative hand at random from the Indian Kutu: you walk down the street and others Zhuangshan happened? You are looking at a bunch of compassionate trance when you? want more personality, dress better, it is bound to wear “1000 Variety” manual creative clothing Caixing. Cut out with a rags at the chest position of Mickey patterns, and bold contrasting colors Crochet, make clothing more colorful, lively and lovely. In the back are also adopting the same practices, and together with our bright decorative accessories. Professional printing of all kinds of clothing, can be printed on a variety of characters in the costumes, figure, whether it is personal photos or downloading of cool pictures, we can let you see results immediately, instant provision, you only have to wait several seconds, we can help you to complete, in various couple shirts, overalls, student clothing, activities, tourism collective uniform clothing, printing, printed map can be! To India on India, Indian variety of robes, couple T-shirt, Personalized T shirt printing, digital quick printing, T shirt design, creative T-shirts, sports T-shirt, custom T-shirt, printed shirt dress can be printed on the couple kind of mug, advertisement cup, (for large, medium wide company, printing company log, web site, etc.) Lunar New Year Cup (each cup into the zodiac has a different, personal photos can be printed up, plus cup into the of the zodiac, and more memorable), color cup (a wide variety of glass colors, not just a white oh ~ ~), Moonwalker (see picture during the day, at night you can see Oh, and very bright, you can When the lamp with a ~ changing color mug (photo printed on the cup, why had he disappeared? down on the water see the outcome, pour hot water, we just like magic, haha, picture came out!!). Portraits, pictures, text, you can freely design, hand-painted in a variety of cartoons, portraits, and we help you print product, to keep as a permanent memorial!

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