Breaking Up the Easy Way

Breaking up is already awkward enough as it is, you often don’t want to do it in a way that’ll cause a big scene or that’ll turn into a verbal exchange of all the things the other person didn’t like about you. Men for the most part, just don’t want their ego bruised during a breakup; women often don’t want to be told their guy has found someone better. 

Whatever is the cause of the break up, one thing for sure – someone ends up angry, bitter, and lonely.  If  you’re the one who’s asking for the break up, what can you do to make it an easier process, in a way that’s not so brutal or offending to your partner? 

Take a step back and follow some basic guidelines if you want to make this process smooth and avoid getting into bitter fights and complications in the future.  

How not to do it

You should  treat people the same way you want to be treated –  this means you don’t break up with them through a text message or over an e-mail. Consider the other person’s feelings and don’t throw them away like they never meant anything to you. Let them know that you still care and you enjoyed the time you spent together. If you regard the other person’s feelings, you should be alright. It’s when you don’t consider peoples’  feelings when things become ugly.

Don’t be nasty

This is just another way for me to repeat what I just told you, don’t be nasty to the person you’re breaking up with. Some people get into name calling, or trying to put down the other person because their feelings were hurt. All this does is make things worse and you end up destroying whatever respect you had for the other person. Be respectful even if the other person becomes defensive or nasty towards you. 

Avoid conflicts after the breakup

Following the advice I just gave you above will help you avoid conflicts in the future. If you breakup with someone in a really nasty way you never know when you’ll have to deal with that person again. Being respectful will make it easier for you to remain on good speaking terms with your ex afterwards in a way that won’t be so awkward.

Break ups are so extremely uncomfortable and awkward, no one likes to do them. When you do, you want to go through the process in a way that won’t cause further conflicts in the future. Keep the respect in the picture and consider the other person’s feelings to make the situation easier to handle. 

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