Branding Dissertation

How can you define the term branding using simple terminologies? Let me give you an example. Why do people spend more money and buy a branded product rather than spending less and selecting a company which is comparatively less popular. This is simply because popular brands carry an image of reliability and dependability. People have the opinion that their money does not get wasted in any manner if they purchase a branded commodity. Some people simply wait to purchase a known brand if they do not have sufficient finances. This is exactly what students need to focus on while designing the layout of their branding dissertation.

Branding is a very significant part of the overall marketing campaign. It is not at all easy for a new company to convince the audience. A lot of companies use the emotional angle to reach the targeted customers. Branding involves both ATL (Above the Line) and BTL (Below the Line) activities so that people can notice the product while travelling, driving, watching television or browsing the internet. A branding dissertation shows the practices adopted by a new company to penetrate the market and attain loyal customers. In addition to that, it also explains the techniques adapted by established firms to maintain their place in the market, survive competition and retain the audience attention as well.
A branding dissertation involves a very comprehensive research. Students need to study the overall marketing pattern of the company followed after its creation. This includes analyzing the targeted audience, advertisements, banners and outdoor campaigns. These are all the branding steps taken to reach the customers.

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