Body Painting: Face Painting And Nude Body Painting, Male And Female


Being the most ancient form of art, people love the art of face painting and whole body painting.

Face Painting: The art or artwork of body painting that is done only on face is known as ‘Face Painting’. The large scale or “Full Body Painting” is known as “Art of Body Painting”. Body painting is an art that uses human body as a canvas. It is a form of painting pictures or spreading colours on human body making it pleasant looking to the eyes of viewers. It is an artistic application of exotic colours all over the body. No part is now a day safe from body painting! But the face takes the most of work.

Body Painting Art in Asian Countries: In India the women and men are fond of using Henna. It is a colour extracted from a plant of Henna; it is also known as Mehandi. This type of body painting with Henna has been a fashion in India and the Middle East since many years. People paint their hands and legs and other parts of body with Henna during the auspicious ceremonies like weddings. The use of henna or Mehandi has become popular in the Western countries, too, since last two decades. On the figure given here a painter is painting on the subtle body of a woman wearing almost no clothes.

Body Painting in South America: The art of body painting is not a new phenomenon in the countries of South America, too. People here have been using indigenous materials to paint their body and body parts. They use wet charcoal, annatto, and other materials available in the local surrounding. In some parts of America, a material known as Huito is used to paint the bodies and faces. Huito is a black dye, and it takes weeks to fade away.

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