Blood Transfusion Reaction

.tags Browse our website to keep yourself updated with the information related to cord blood. Everyone wants to protect their family members from diseases but it is fact that we cannot protect them fully from the diseases. You can provide them with some level of immunity by preserving your baby’s cord blood. Now the question arises what is cord blood? The answer to this is cord blood is the blood obtained from the umbilical cord of the baby after the cord has been detached from the baby. The cord blood is a rich source of stem cells. The cord blood has been proven to protect the lives because it contains stem cells that has the potential to renew themselves into any body part thus forming the repair system of the body. The cord blood tissues contain mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which possess the ability to create structural and connective tissues. Thus saving cord blood is beneficial and wise practice having no side effects.

As we have mentioned above that cord blood is used to treat various diseases, thus transfusing cord blood is very common. Cord blood transfusion is the phenomena of donating and receiving cord blood between compatible donor and receiver. For the transfusion blood banks are available, in public banks blood transfusion occurs between anyone and in private banks the transfusion occurs only between family members. Non compatibility of donor and recipient leads to blood transfusion reaction, hence compatibility is important factor. So protective measures should be taken while blood transfusion. Cord blood and tissues both are important beacuse stem cells helps in forming the body parts and tissues helps in the formation of tissues and structural parts.

Earlier this practice is not very common but now doctors have realized the importance of cord blood and they emphasis all to donate cord blood. Many big organizations are helping people educating about cord blood and its importance. Blood donation camp is the place where you can go and donate cord blood. Many blood donation camps are now regularly organized by various organizations.