Blood Sugar

.tags One of the difficulties with controlling sugar with medication is that it tends to affect less or more than desired at times. Either they have little effect or the blood sugar is as high as ever when one uses a certain dose or they lower the level below normal when higher doses are taken. Both are harmful to health are not natural ways of controlling blood sugar.
One can control diabetes with a little care and caution and a few tips to the effect could be really useful. Such methods are natural and simple and easy to incorporate in anyone’s life style. Best part of it is that they are economic as well.
Steps that a diabetic should take are –
Try to change the life style in such a way that it will help lower the level of blood glucose. This essentially involves the food and drinking habits as well as work outs.
A combination of well planned workout with balanced diet can help control the blood glucose to desired levels.
Exercise can help improved blood circulation, weight loss, increased energy levels and is great for the blood sugar problems helping insulin to become reactive and thereby reducing the sugar levels.
In both workout and diets one has to be slow, steady, disciplined, dedicated and determined. Haste is waste and indulging into something all of a sudden like taking up heavy weight exercises or going for a sudden crash diet could do more harm than help lowering the sugar levels in blood.
One of the most effective ingredients for lowering blood sugar is vinegar. Having a couple of tablespoons of vinegar a day could reduce the sugar level in the blood quite drastically. Best part of it is that they need not be consumed raw. Mixing with food will not reduce their good effects in lowering blood glucose.
Well planned exercise; not too hard or strenuous; diabetic vitamin intakes, drinking unsweetened green tea, drinking decaf coffee, eating cinnamon, are all good habits that could control the blood sugar levels.
Most important thing to remember is whichever of the above steps a person suffering from high blood sugar level does, he or she must be dedicated to the task and make it a routine and not merely crash course for blood glucose control.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the best for the patients of diabetes. It is important to keep your mind away from stress and fatigue. The diabetics must eat plenty of healthy food and do exercise. The best way to control diabetes is to have a good peaceful night’s sleep. The peaceful sleep helps to control the body hormones and avoid stress.
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