Blank Blue Screen – How to Fix


If you have just bought a second hand computer and suddenly receive a blank blue screen without an error message, you have almost certainly thought that what you bought was bogus and you are now ready to return it. But before you rush to the original owner, you should perform a diagnostic test to analyze the error first, if there was one, before you confront the seller.

Most likely, the original owner might have been too sloppy at using the computer when it was still his. He probably didn’t bother running an anti-virus software or a registry fix or even cleaning the hardware and wires before he sold it to you. And of course, you didn’t even bother to check the actual state of the computer before you bought it. So instead of looking for the seller and getting your money back, you should understand that buying a second-hand computer would have this setback, among others.

If the last owner was a heavy computer user, you can almost be certain that the computer is in a nearly bad state. If you happen to know the habits of the first user, you may find out that he has installed various software that are incompatible to the rest of your system and that the computer may have now been harboring a few viruses here and there. So it is not a surprise that the computer monitor turns blue all of a sudden. Fix the incompatibilities and update the registry as soon as you can and see if the problem no longer exists.

However, having a blank blue screen doesn’t always mean that there is a fatal error within the system that the computer cannot fix. It may not be the infamous blue screen of death or BSOD so major panicking shouldn’t be your first reaction. It may only mean that the computer monitor’s wiring is faulty or that the keyboard tripped and caused a weird monitor reaction. It can be as simple as that.

Then again, make sure that this is indeed the problem otherwise; you are ignoring a very serious threat to your operating system that might cost you a lot in the end. There are fixes that you can do yourself but if all else fails; you can contact a computer technician to identify the persisting problem.

A computer is a necessity and also a high-priced investment so taking care of it should be a priority. System crashes will likely to happen if you do not take the time to have it maintained and updated properly, inside and out.

Before you buy any second hand electronics, it is important that you check all the software and hardware of the computer. Like buying a second hand car, test drive it first before you get too attracted and distracted by the physical aspect. Most of us are not computer geniuses but surely you will be able to find someone who can help you decide when buying computers.

If you have enough money to buy a brand new computer, you should do this instead of risking on a used one. With a new computer, you will have the control on any type of software and hardware installations. You’ll have a clean slate.