Birmingham Employment Solicitor Wins Unfair Dismissal Case For Dead Man


Anyone who has been fired from their jobs unfairly in their eyes knows the humiliation, embarrassment and urges of revenge that they feel for their mean bosses; but how far would you go to pursue an unfair dismissal trial? Well, one Birmingham man won his unfair dismissal case against his former employees from beyond the grave!

Yes, that’s right; an engineer for a Birmingham company who died two years ago has won a case that his parents have been battling for for some time now, both before and after he passed away.

Despite this being a rare case, there may be a similar issue in your life about which you want to acquire some legal advice. If you or a loved one feel as if you have been unfairly dismissed from work then contact a Birmingham employment solicitor today, to see if you can claim the compensation that you deserve.

The engineer in question passed away after taking time off to go on kidney dialysis sessions; he alleged that he used to get nasty comments from his employers and co-workers claiming that he was not really very ill and that he did not deserve to get the time off. He eventually ended up getting the sack from his position at the company and decided to pursue legal action against his employers.

After the sick worker received a successful kidney transplant, he was temporarily recovered, yet died six months later from an infection. His parents continued his unfair dismissal case against the company. When questioned about there decision to pursue the case, they stated that they, ‘did not do it for the money’ and that all they wanted was to clear his name, which they did by winning the case.

This was not the only recent case of a deceased worker winning an unfair dismissal case; a black industry worker who killed himself a few years ago because his white colleagues had been bullying him one a racial discrimination case against his employers, after he had died.

You may not have been pushed to suicide or other forms of death, yet you may be feeling as if your employers are not treating you as they should be, or perhaps you have already been ‘let go’ unfairly. Contact a Birmingham employment solicitor today if you feel that you have been unfairly dismissed to see if you can get the compensation that you deserve.