Bilingual Politics – Should Immigrants Be Allowed to Vote?

Bilingual Politics would create mass confusion among any nation that uses the voting system to select members of office. The United States of America is an English speaking country since it’s very beginning. Any person entering the United States of America whether it is on a Work Visa Permit or illegally should never be able to vote unless they have become a U.S. citizen. If a person has dual citizenship with another country, such as Mexico, they need to specify which country will be their primary country before they are allowed to vote.

By allowing Bilingual Politics gives people the impression that we as a nation will allow illegal immigrants the right to vote in any and all elections. What about new laws. By allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote, our state and federal laws could very well change to reflect special privileges to illegals. If immigrants enter the United States of America, they should be required to speak English or be given a time span of three to six months to learn English as a second language.

Any nation should set a language as their primary language. That required language should be the only language taught in any school. All other languages would be classified as foreign languages. All foreign languages should only be taught as elective classes and not as a required classes in order to graduate from high school.

In Bilingual Politics the question arises “Would we have Spanish, Italian, Iranian, Japanese, Chinese, or German senators or representatives in our Senate and Congress? God forbid!!! One nation and one language. The word K.I.S.S. which means KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID is never more true than in politics and dealing with immigrants. Or the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, which means if our system electing political men and women into our government and our system of voting laws into office is working, why change it? Never add confusion into the system. If you think the United State of America is in serious shape, allow illegal aliens to vote, then see what happens. Japan or China allow illegals into their countries and permitted voting and state or federal aid to those illegals and add in their economic crisis on top of that

They would be in the same shape as the United States if not worse. You will never find any country outside of the United States of America that allows illegal aliens like we do. There is the unmentioned “open door” for anyone who wants to come here, can, no matter what their nationality is or even their religious beliefs and practices. It is enough to make a grown person weep. This is my opinion and mine alone, and please accept my apologies if I have offended anyone. But I have very strong opinions in all these situations.