Best Dishes in Different States of America


The tastes from dishes in the United States bear a style of food preparation from the United States of America. The great amount of states up to 50 and a number of immigrants from all over the world, as well as European colonization contribute to various ingredients and cooking styles. From coast to coast, a menu with full of homegrown dishes highlights regional cultures, customs, and geographic conditions in 50 states in the U.S in total. If you take the trip across the country in various states, there are lots of amazing cuisines and typical dishes for you to try. The following foods make the list of best dishes in different states  of America because they are awesome, tasty, and traditional.

Scrapple from Florida, seen as one of the most popular dishes in a Pennsylvania diner is a fried patty of cornmeal and pork scraps. It is best paired with fried eggs

Smyrna Sausage Sandwich from Delaware is used with peppers, onions or cheese

Eggs Benedict from Alabama has three fried, cheesy grit cakes covered with poached eggs, bacon, and hollandaise sauce

Anchorage Reindeer Sausage Omelet from Alaska, topped with the mild, peppery sausage and cheddar cheese sauce is used as breakfast

Hot Springs Banana Pancakes from Arkansas are the mixture of fruit and banana pieces

Fantastic French Toast from California includes thick slices of sourdough bread soaked into a cinnamon-sugar egg batter and mixed with cinnamon sugar

Colorado Springs Breakfast Burrito from Colorado is the mixture of fried eggs, grilled onions, hash browns and sausage, covered with cheese

Savannah HabersHam and Eggs from Georgia, made of two eggs, bacon, and tomatoes, is paired with biscuits

Boise Oatmeal Souffle from Idaho is a wonderful breakfast and dessert with toasted oatmeal



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