Best Affiliate Programs – Maximise Your Profits by Chooseing the Right Affiliate Program

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by dbking

Best Affiliate Programs – Maximise Your Profits by Chooseing the Right Affiliate Program

The biggest mistake the average affiliate marketer makes today, is not choosing an affiliate program that will pull it’s share of the weight. Read on to see how to pinpoint the perfect affiliate program, like a super affiliate.

Marketing affiliate programs is so much easier than designing your own product, website, sales letters and banners. But too many people are failing miserably at this. They excitedly rush in, choose any old affiliate program (usually by niche), and start marketing. They also think that they need a website to market these programs.

The reality is, there are many far more effective ways to market affiliate programs, like article marketing for example. But the biggest mistake new and experienced affiliate marketers make is choosing the wrong programs. They may choose a good one, but it’s not the best, and not what super affiliates use.

See, if you were to sell a product or service that has a very good reputation, attractive website and landing page, and an extremely high conversion rate, then you would directly benefit from their expertise. Partnering with a booming, flourishing company is going to raise your personal chances of success automatically, regardless of your marketing technique.

What to look for in an affiliate program:

1. An excellent reputation. Not only does this mean that people will buy from them with confidence, but that you will get your pay – on time. Some affiliate programs can’t boast any of that.

2. A High in demand product or service regardless of economic conditions. With the global economy in its current unpredictable crisis, you can’t afford to be marketing anything that could be affected at all.

3. A very high conversion rate for reasons mentioned above.

These are crucial elements that any legitimate affiliate program must have. But these elements alone would not satisfy any super affiliate, so this is where most affiliate marketers fail. Super affiliates are far more selective than this, and so should you be if you plan to succeed at this.

What the super affiliates look for in an affiliate program:

1. Recurring payment – Continued payment for one time sales

2. Highest 2/multi tiered payments – Truly the laziest way to create cashflow

3. Ultimate consumables – Services, licenses, memberships and non-discretionary consumables

4. Most pain to switch from – Services that people will stay with for many years, for continued payments

See, the average affiliate assumes that super affiliates are marketing gurus, and market for a crazy amount of hours. The average affiliate doesn’t realize how much effect the choice of affiliate program has on your affiliate income.

Notice how strategic the above requirements are. Super affiliates are not only investing and building a passive income from recurring programs, but they are also maintaining this income by selecting only the programs that are a real pain to switch from, so it wont just dwindle away. They promote the ultimate consumables.

But it doesn’t stop there. By choosing multi tiered programs, they are recruiting their own affiliates, and earing commission from sales they didn’t even make. In my experience, the affiliate programs that meet this criteria the best are the ultimate consumables – services, licenses, memberships and non-discretionary consumables.

Super affiliates refuse to settle for anything less, why should you? Don’t join the majority of affiliate marketers how only ever get mediocre to poor results. You need to find the right affiliate program before you do anything else. Stop wasting your valuable time with programs that aren’t pulling their weight. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

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