Benefits Of Low Flow Technology Carpet Cleaner


Using advanced carpet cleaners is considered the most efficient and reliable method to deep clean carpeted surfaces and effectively eliminate almost all kinds of dirt deposits, food particles, dust mites, and other stains and residues trapped between carpet fibers. For best results, it is highly recommended that you apply high hot water temperatures up to 210°F to carpeted areas with a carpet extractor. During this cleaning and extraction process, super-hot water penetrates deep down to the carpet base and almost instantly softens caked dirt and tough stains, making it easier for you to extract these deposits.

The latest technologically advanced carpet shampooer systems include adjustable temperature controls that allow you to adjust the temperature of the output easily. This enables operators to meet the demands of the carpet surface they are cleaning. For example, heat-sensitive carpet fibers require cold water or room temperature water for cleaning. The use of hot water up to 210°F can damage these carpet fibers.

Additionally, the carpet cleaning machine can also be used for a host of other cleaning applications with the help of multiple attachments and accessories. For example, several systems currently on the market can be paired with a squeegee wand for simultaneous cleaning and extraction on hard floors and other surfaces. Cleaning upholstery can also be tackled by carpet cleaning machines, through the use of a specialize upholstery tool.

Significance of Low-Flow Technology

Advanced carpet cleaning equipment from leading distributors will most likely feature low-flow or low-moisture cleaning technology that considerably reduces the amount of water used during the cleaning process without limiting cleaning power. For a better appreciation of this innovative technology, look at how it enhances the performance of carpet cleaners:

Carpets will dry faster since this technology uses very little water for cleaning carpets. A conventional carpet extractor generally uses a high volume of water for cleaning and will leave carpets extremely wet. Such carpets usually need up to 24 hours to dry. On the other hand, a carpet shampooer with low-flow technology deep cleans carpets without leaving them too wet, allowing carpets to dry and be ready for use in just a few hours. Non-heated versions that employ cold water for cleaning need about 6 hours dry. However, heated versions that use steam for cleaning leave carpets dry in just 1 to 4 hours.
Carpets in high-traffic areas like malls or offices must ideally be cleaned and dried in the minimum possible time. Since a carpet cleaning machine featuring low-flow technology enables carpets to dry in a few hours, it is the best choice for cleaning professionals in retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses that operate daily.
A carpet that has been cleaned with a conventional cleaner and has not dried correctly will soon develop mold and mildew and give off foul odor due to traces of moisture within carpet fibers. You can eliminate this risk by switching to low-flow cleaners.

With so many advantages, low-flow carpet cleaning equipment is more suitable for cleaning and more eco-friendly than traditional equipment. For the best carpet cleaning machines on the market, consult a reputable supplier today.