Belly Dance

Dance is seen as language expresses through movement in which we can see ancient and modern ceremonials, love and happiness. But among many forms of dance, only belly dancer is able to wake images of elegance, beauty and sexiness with body expressing mood.

Somebody says that belly dance appeared thousands of years ago, hence it is might the oldest form of dance. We can not point out exactly when belly dance appeared, but we are sure that belly dance is very interesting.

As other form of dance, belly dance can be performed by a couple or single. We can enjoy belly dance in a celebration, religious expression, communal connection activities, and entertainment. Belly dancing concentrates on the basic of the body and uses basic muscles, so we can gain strength, conditioning, health as well as sound live.

Besides skills, the costume is perhaps the most important feature in belly dance. The more beautiful costume is, the more attractive the dance and the dancer are. When designing the costume for belly dancer, designers highlight the arm, body core, torso and the hips which are the most important parts in belly dance. The harem pants, scarves and bejeweled bra are distinctive costumes which we often see in belly dance. However, it can be the combination and creation from clothes you have already such as long skirts and bathing suit tops. These colorful costumes along with coin belts and finger cymbals help dancer become outstanding in the wonderful melodies.

Becoming a belly dancer, it is not completely difficult as long as you have passion, and will. You can take part in classes of trained belly dancers or learn from belly dance videos or DVDs. In video, you will get instructions in detail from the beginning steps to advance ones as well as the history, traditions, styles and techniques of belly dancing.

Try to learn belly dance and share it with your friends mean that you are bring something new into your life.