Beef Matters In Fat Loss


When it comes to diets they can get old and boring real quick. When you eat the same foods every single day it doesn’t really help the temptations and cravings that come along. Take for instance Christian Thibaudeau who loves to eat half a pound of horse flesh with a side of cucumbers everyday. While it sounds like fun, this continuous breakfast would only last about a week before I said NO MORE!

Most people feel this way, and it can create a huge problem. Diet fads come and go, but the food choices seem to be the same. Oddly enough, we never really consider utilizing beef as one of them. You have probably felt like a rabbit before on the days you eat nothing but healthy greens and drink water. Once you realize that grass-fed beef is waaaay healthier than any other type of beef, it’s time to head to the kitchen and cook up great-tasting fat loss meals.

The main factor here is to remember this isn’t the beef you purchase from the local grocery store. It’s actually grass-fed beef, which happens to be a little harder to find.

From Health Food To Poison

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy omega-3s and quality protein in your diet? I know I would, and it starts with grass-fed beef. The only problem is; the current beef type that is out there in your convenient supermarts are loaded with omega-6 and saturated fat.

A lot of people ask why but the bottomline points to cows that are fed corn. This isn’t “real” meat, and it can poison our bodies. To make things worse, the government supports this.

We all know that cows eat grass, but when they are fed corn, soy, and other grains it can cause them to gain tons of wait and even become sick. This creates the omega-6s and saturated fats we find in meat today. All the good stuff has seemingly disappeared in the meat department.

Seriously, I didn’t understand why anyone would waste their time with corn since it costs a buck more to produce than its worth. This quickly changed when I learned that the government will pay farmers to raise corn the market doesn’t even want to consider. The surplus of corn becomes monumental, and it is then passed onto the cows for consumption. In the end they become overweight. Are you starting to get the picture here?

Oh, let’s not forget about the profit margin either. The government subsidies will make around 5 billion dollars each year just by using this little format. When it comes time to pay the corn and cattle farmers the government doesn’t take this out of the profits. They use collections from tax as payment instead.

A Grass-Roots Revolution

So how do we change this continuous circle? The only way to make it work is by purchasing more grass-fed beef. It’s going to cost you a few extra dollars in the beginning, but as the demand rises, the prices will begin to fall.

Finding it will probably be a little difficult since your grocery store won’t have it in most cases. If not I suggest heading to the nearest Whole Foods store. They will definitely have a nice arrangement of grass-fed beef for you.