BBC Host Kristian Digby Dies

Yesterday, the gay television host of the BBC, Kristian Digby, was pronounced dead at his flat in the east of London. Police said that when they and paramedics reached the presenter, his heart did not beat any more. Causes for the death have not been explained. He died at age 32.


People came to know about the death of Kristian Digby after a call from Kristian’s home in Newham to ambulance service was made yesterday morning. Police have not found clear explanation for his death yet though they believed that Kristian still alone after breaking up with his boyfriend. His body was found by his ex-partner, a former policeman, at 7.45am on Monday. There are no signs of suicide in the host’s death.


A Scotland Yard spokesman told that police were informed about the body of a man in his 30s found at an address in Richford Road, E15.


In spite of working as a co-worker of property show “To Buy or Not To Buy” on BBC1, Kristian Digby was working in other daytime television shows such as Double Agents, Living In The Sun, House Swap and Buy It, Sell It, Bank It.
Police said that the death is now under investigation.


Kristian Dogby was born on 24 June, 1977 in Devon to a family of property developers. Despite being a talented presenter, Kristian was also a director and his films had won several awards. His two short films “Last Train to Demise” (1998) and “Words of Deception” (1997) respectively brought him the Melbourne Film Festival Best Student Film and junior Bafta.


Some television shows presented and directed by Kristian were “Home Front”, “Fantasy Rooms”, “She’s Gotta Have It”, “Girls On Top” and “The Ozone”.


In the context of his death, last night, fans posted messages of sympathy to the famous host on Facebook and Twitter.


According to a BBC spokesman, Kristian was such an energetic, talented and warm presenter who brought real sense to his programmes. The spokesman said that he will be missed deeply.