Barack Obama Good For America

In my opinion, Barack would be good for America. He would restore confidence around the world of our leadership, and the respect we once had. There would be no more shoot from the hip foreign policies of the past eight years. I totally agree with talking to Iran, I’ve always believed that you should keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Ronald Reagan talked with the Soviet Union so why not talk to Iran.

I grew up in the city of Detroit a city which is very segregated, its not so much the city of Detroit but the suburbs. The majority of people in Detroit are African American, while the suburbs are mostly caucasian. I am a white male 45 yrs old, and I remember when I was a kid growing up on the west side of Detroit. Our neighborhood was called Brightmoore, and through the sixties, it was all white. A Nazi bookstore opened up in the early seventies and we put on such a protest that we shut down Fenkell Ave. The police came in their riot gear but didn’t do anything to us. We didn’t want these hate mongers in our neighborhood. However, when the blacks started to move into our neighborhood, you probably couldn’t find a u-haul truck for a hundred miles, with all the white families moving out. We stayed for a few more years until they started bussing us kids cross town to another school. My dad just couldn’t see us getting bussed like that when we lived a block and a half away from our school.

Now, all that being said, I’m a little ashamed to say yes I am a little prejudice, just a little, it doesn’t bother me having a black president, but I just can’t see my daughter marrying a black guy…Sorry I do know a lot of people that are far worse than me, but I don’t think they have voted in 20 years, if ever. I myself, being an independent voter haven’t voted for a republican since Reagan. I just can’t see giving tax breaks to the rich, in hopes that they will invest in America. While every stat shows that they invest in foreign companies. At least giving tax breaks to the lower income families they will spend the money here. I think of it like this, a chain is as strong as its weakest link. So the best thing that we can do is strengthen our weak links, like affordable GOOD health care for all.

Education is another area that needs a lot of attention. The infrastructure in our major cities are in desperate need of upgrading, we have wasted so much money on this quagmire in Iraq that I think its safe to say Osama Bin Laden has achieved his goal. He not only killed innocent Americans he has brought us to our knees financially, Mission Accomplished. Now we have John McCain that wants to keep us there for a hundred years, No Thank You!!