Barack Hussien Obama – The Politics of Candidate Names

What’s in a name? In politics it could be everything and Barack Hussein Obama if you say that on a voice recognition system will come out something like this; “Brocka Hussein old bomb a” is now having a little bit of a difficulty convincing people that he is not Muslem. Barack Hussein Obama claims to be a Christian and he says his estranged father was Muslim.

Now, Barack Hussein Obama is claiming that the Republicans are after him and they are using his middle name; “Hussein” each time they mention him. Of course, that is his middle name and it is not anyone’s fault besides his estranged father and mother for naming him that. There is nothing wrong with calling someone by their true and correct name and that is his true and correct name.

Unfortunately, the presidential candidate admits it is a stumbling block, yet, one he must get over if he wishes to be President of the United States. Does this mean he is ashamed of his middle name Hussein? If he is ashamed of his middle name, does that mean that Barack Hussein Obama is against Muslims even though his father was one? If so, may I ask, why doesn’t he like Muslims, why is he ashamed of his own name? Why does he get angry when other people mention his name?

If all these things bother him so much why didn’t he change his name before he ran for president of the United States? It is not like anyone would not find out his middle name eventually. The Democrats are causally calling President Bush; “George Walker Bush” which is his true and correct name. He was a runner, before his knees got trashed, not a walker. Last time I checked President Bush never complained about people using his middle name when describing him. What is wrong with Brock Hussein Obama – why the double standard and why is he ashamed to be a Muslim? Something to contemplate in 2008.