Bacterial Vaginosis Relief – Homeopathic Remedies Bacterial Vaginosis


Some women who want to experience bacterial vaginosis relief would do anything to get the goal. Who can blame them? The infection could truly be bothersome especially when you are experiencing it the second, third, or even fourth time around. When antibiotics, gels, and other forms of treatment fail to work, some give homeopathic remedies a thought. They sound a bit scary but if they can clear off the infection, why not?

If you are not familiar with homeopathy, here’s a brief way to describe it:

Basically, homeopathy is a form of healing system. Its founder was a German physician by the name of Samuel Hahnemann who experimented himself with an anti-malarial drug and found out that using smaller doses of the medicine could actually cure his symptoms. He came up with the term “homeopathy” which means “the same suffering” in its Greek origin.

Homeopathic treatments make use of natural substances such as plants, animals, or minerals. Their powder forms or liquid extracts are diluted or shaken so they will increase their curative powers. Once the tincture has reached its prescribed potency, it is added into a bottle or lactose or sucrose tablets.

Homeopathy, as a form of bacterial vaginosis relief, should only be performed by homeopathic practitioners. You should not try to do it on your own, or decide to try it without consulting your healthcare provider first. BV may be pestering, but you would get into bigger trouble when you treat it the wrong way. Always take proper caution.

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