Back Pain – Self Diagnosis and Treatment


Half of the battle of overcoming any problem is knowing what the problem is in order to solve and prevent it from recurring. Back pain and problems are no different. Although many sufferers have at least some idea of why they’re experiencing discomfort, surprisingly, many never suspect the “hidden” causes that rob them of their mobility and good back health.

It may be difficult to believe at first just how detrimental the effects of temperature changes can be. Who would ever suspect that the extended wearing of a wet garment such as a t-shirt could ever be the culprit of their back pain? It must be remembered that just as heat and cold can relieve pain, they can also cause it. Wearing a wet or very damp shirt exposes the back’s muscles to cold; dampness opens the pores, complicating the problem. The perfect condition for inflammation to set in is created. Inflammation, depending on its degree, always causes some form of discomfort. Without this knowledge, how many people would ever stop to question if their sometimes sudden and mysterious back pain was caused by the wearing of a wet garment? In the case of back problems, what one doesn’t know can and will harm him.

What painful back problems could possibly be related to relaxation? Certainly, the inactivity of taking a rest on the sofa would never be the cause of back pain–or would it? Again, the making of assumptions and ignorance of just how easily back pain can be brought on, leaves many people in the dark and sometimes in agony. Incorrect positions that are held for long periods of time take their toll. Yes, even proper positions of relaxation play a vital part in maintaining a healthy back and recovering from pain.

Although people employed in the furniture moving industry or who spend much time on their feet tend to better understand how to protect their backs from injury, many others don’t. There should never be a careless thought when having to lift or move any heavy object. It doesn’t matter whether the lifting will be prolonged or a one time occasion; the health of one’s back should be cherished at all times.

Fortunately, while Americans are taking responsibility for their health in terms of their diet and exercise, responsibility must also be taken to preserve the health of their back. This includes learning to identify and heed the signs and symptoms that the back uses to signify that damage is being done. Self-diagnosis, by no means, refers to administering medical treatment to oneself. It does show, however, the individual responsibility to be informed about how the body is constructed and how it must be carefully handled.

Those who self-diagnose their back pain will often reap the benefits of enjoying a safe, economical and natural cure. The cure is safe when it simply involves the correction of wrong habits. It is economical when treatment by a chiropractor or costly and often unnecessary surgery is avoided. Finally, it is natural when the body is allowed to heal itself once it ceases to be abused.

Be informed and take control of your back pain by learning self-diagnosis techniques and how to safely, naturally, and economically implement an effective treatment.